A Great Trip – Part 3

Yo’ this post will be about the third day of my Dalat trip.

This day is probably the most challenging day, and you’ll know why after reading this post. So in the morning, like usual, I woke up (not freeze to death this time), did stuffs like brushing my teeth, ate breakfast, and then we went to our activities. This time we had 4 stations, with 4 different activities. Our group’s first activity was Trust V. There were 2 strong strings, tied to 2 trees and they make a V. Two people at a time, each stand on one string and they had to lean forward to each other and trust the other person that they can hold you. Our group record is about half or more of the V. Then we moved to the most exciting activity, zip-lining, or Flying Fox. I think you guys know this, there’s a picture if you don’t. It was scary but fun at the same time. Then we did the Monkey Bar, which requires quite a lot of strength. And the last one was a simple one, just practice the team cheer. Then we headed on to our final challenge, build a raft. This is the time we use our Embers Dollars. Every team was working hard, trying to find a way to build it, and there’s a shop where you can buy materials from. Then every teams will have a race to a buoy out in the mid of the lake-ish and come back. Team Awesome won first place, then the Tigers, then our team, and last place, The Great White Sharks. We had so much fun and we had some free time to swim a bit too. Then we went to take a short shower and we were on our way to the hotel. Well, not really hotel, it was actually a resort! And it was HUGE! And it can be a bad thing too, ’cause it took us about 10 mins to walk to our villa. (we have our own villa, about 3 rooms per villa, so about 7 people in one villa, including a teacher) And you know what impressed me? Haha, of course, the bathroom! Oh it was so wonderful, with all the stuffs, and it was so clean. Me and my friends created a group called the Bathroom Lovers and my friend Yong Min is a really loyal member. There was a Bedroom Lovers group too, and so we were having a debate about bedrooms and bathrooms on our bus ride to our restaurant where we had dinner. The restaurant was good, too, and we sang karaoke all together, and it was so fun! Then we went back to the resort and we performed our team cheers. All the team cheers were really good, and I think everyone deserved first place, but we didn’t really know who won the competition, but we didn’t care, because we, again, all had fun. And then we went back to our room, did some journal writing, played some cards and finally we went to sleep, and our day ended like that. Oh, so sad, it’s the last night already!

Yeah, we're building a raft!

Yeah, we're building a raft!

Go team!

Go team!

Stay tuned for the last day!

A Great Trip! – Part 2

This is the second day of my Dalat trip.

So the next day I woke up at 5, obviously because it was too cold for me. And I didn’t want to be lonely but luckily, the 6th and 5th graders in the tent next to me were awake, too so the first thing we did was went to the bathroom! Yeah, any comments? just kidding, well we had to. So then we went back to the campsite and we tried to make the fire again ’cause our guide said we could make the fire again if we didn’t step on where the fire was. We tried, and then failed, again, failed again, and then our Vietnamese teacher, Ms Nga woke up and she helped us start the fire and it works. We then had breakfast at 7, and the next thing we did is…hiking! We took a boat ride to where we would start to hike and during the hike, we picked up trashes, too. It took us nearly an hour to get to the top and nearly 2 hours to go down. The way down was quite hard and it took us 3 hours to go up and down. Then we had kinda a picnic lunch with breads with meat and some food. Then we played some activities like the Spider Web (the most tired one cuz I had to go last so I had to carry everyone to the other side), Blind Blocks and I don’t know the name of the last game. In that game, we’re supposed to put all the balls from the middle into our team’s hoop but actually we’re all one team so everyone was wrestling, american football-ing but finally we all put the the balls in to one hoop, and all the other hoops on top of it. We learned that “When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.” We did some more activities like create the team cheer after that and then we returned to our campsite.

Like usual, we had dinner but after dinner, we had the Lat minoritiy group and they came to dance for us. We were involved in those exciting dances, too. Then just like yesterday, campfire, playing cards and smores. But this night, they told us to use the sleeping bag which was what we used as a blanket and this time, it’s much warmer so I could sleep more, yay! Anyway, so the second day ended like that, and it’s already half of the trip but I already had so much fun. The next days will be posted soon, so again, stay tuned!

Lat danceSpider web the game

A Great Trip! – Part 1

Hi guys, in this post, I’m going to talk about the trip that I just went with my school from May 18 to May 21 to Da Lat! I’m going to divide the trip into 3 posts because i think it’s a bit long so stay tuned!

Let me tell you a bit about Dalat first. Dalat is located in the southern part of our country, Vietnam and it’s like a highland city, so the weather is quite cool. So on the first day, we took our bus ride to Dalat. We were sometimes really excited but sometimes everyone just fell asleep. We stopped a bit for lunch and then  finally after about 8 hours (8 AM to 3:30 PM), we arrived to Dalat! Everyone one was really happy. Then we met our guide for the trip, Mr Jake. He’s Australian and a really funny guy. We divided into 4 teams, and I’m in the  4 Leaf Clover (it’s a bit girly, but our team was named by a 6th grade girl so..) Our team has Tracy, the team captain, Julie, Billy, Bao and me. After that we went on some boats and we went across the Tuyen Lam lake to our campsite.

When we arrived at the campsite, we were amazed by the camps and the stuffs there, and also this is the first time I went camping. We put our stuffs in  our camps and I stayed in the same tent with the other 8th grade boys, Keith and Khanh. Then we played, or did some activities like build a tent when you’re blindfolded, guide you’re partner when they’re blindfolded, and it felt weird, but it was quite fun.  And there, we also had Embers Dollars, which you can earn when you do something good or finish activities, and use them for a later-on final activity. We had a dinner at 6, the food was not so bad. The only bad thing was the moths there, and my friends were really afraid of them. Then we went back to our campsite, and guess what now, CAMPFIRE! This is also the first time I kinda see these stuffs. We gathered around the fire, sang some songs, played some games and then everyone would have free time while they waited till the fire was Ok to cook…S’mores! It’s basically marshallows, with some crackers and chocolates. It was the first time I ever eat that and I think it’s quite delicuous. Then we had a bit of freetime (I played some cards with the 6th graders, they influenced me), so told ghost stories and at 10, we were all in our tents. My tent thought that it would be hot so we kinda underestimated the temperature so we only closed 1 layer of the tent door (we were supposed to close all 3 to be warm) so in the night, my friends were freezing so they took each other blankets so finally I had no blankets, and of course I could not sleep anymore when it was 5.

So it’s the end of my first day. Stay tuned and the second day will be posted soon!

These are the tents!

These are the tents!



A Social Studies Lesson..

Well, our Social Studies teacher taught us about ‘prejudice’ recently and we got to watch a Dr Seuss video.

Basically, that video was about the chicken-like species that live on the beach and they’re called Sneetches. But they’re two type of Sneetches, one type that has the star on their bellies and one type that doesn’t have. So the ones with the stars were being racist, and they believe that they are better than the non-star Sneetches, and so their stereotypes and prejudice about the non-star Sneetches are not good, and so they left the non-star out. The star Sneetches don’t let the non-star join in bonfire, making marshmallows and stuffs, discrimination. And then there was a guy, and he had a machine that can make the stars on the Sneetches bellies, and so the non-star ones paid him money to have stars on their bellies. The ‘real’ star ones then feel unfair because they’re the ‘better’ ones, not the non-star that made themselves have stars. So they came to that guy and he also had a machine that can remove the stars so the ‘real’ star ones paid him to have their stars remove. Then the non-star (now have stars) think that they should have their stars remove too, and the other group have their stars on again and finally, the guy with the 2 machines moved away and he made a lot of money from the Sneetches. Finally, they realized they were doing the wrong thing and so the Sneetches unite and live together happily. And they realized that they can benefit a lot if they unite, ’cause then they can know what the other group think and stuffs and so together they can have a better knowledge on things. And of course, it’s important that everyone should have their own voice, because they all have the same equal rights, and if the video didn’t end like what it did, then maybe some people will use their prejudices to benefit for themselves.

Challenge Evaluation

This post is for Challenge 10 March 2011

This post is pretty much about what I think about this Student Blogging Challenge thingy. In my opinion, I think this challenge is quite fun and is something for me to do. I’m not sure but I think I will miss the time when I go on the Student Blogging Challenge page to read the challenges every week. The challenges varies, there are useful challenges like some tutorial challenges like how to attribute to an image and interesting challenges like the digital footprints thing. There are even some ‘Visit these’ posts which are really somehow helpful ’cause then you can look at some examples to see if you need to change anything to your blog. This SBC (Student Blogging Challenge) also give students like me oppurtunities to meet and visit overseas blogs. I think it would be ‘cooler’ if there would be some challenges that required us to write some current events maybe so I can just read my friends blogs, no need to read the news, maybe 😀 Anyway, I think this SBC is great!

Edublogs Award Nominations

This post is for Challenge 9 March 2011

This activity Miss W asked us to nominate one best student blog and one best class blog. I’m quite new to this blogging challenge so maybe I didn’t take a look at all of your beautiful blogs but I took time to visit most of the blogs and I’ve come to a decision..(or decisions)…

Best student blog: I nominate Maya’s Blog – Maya’s Musings because her blog is really interesting. She put her effort on every single post so the posts won’t make the readers bored and she writes about really cool stuffs, too.

Best class blog: Um, for the best class blog, I would nominate Huzzah! blog by Teacher Jan Smith. The reason I nominated it is because in this blog, they post some interesting stuffs that their class is doing and all the posts are really interesting to read.

I’ve done nominating the blogs that I think deserve to win the award.

Will I continue blogging during the summer?..

This post is for Challenge 9 March 2011

Hmm, it might depend, but I will if I can! Some of you guys may think that this blogging thing is a little tiring, but guess what, I start to love this blogging this now. And I think the blog is a cool place where I can share my stuffs with everybody else, what I like, what I do and other stuffs. I will try to continue blogging during the summer, because I might not be available to blog, but I will try and I will tell you guys about the exciting stuffs that I do. So hope you guys will continue visiting my blog, I appreciate that.



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Audit for my friend

In this post, I will write an audit for my friend’s blog, how I think about his blog and the blog I’m going to look at is Jack_hoang’s blog

My first impressions of this blog were I think he chose a really good theme, it makes the blog look more organized and it won’t annoy the visitor.

And of course, what capture my attention first was the theme. I know the owner quite well so I think the theme represents him quite well.

I think what distract me a little bit are the widgets. I don’t say that his widgets are not useful, but I think maybe if he kinda organizes the order of the widgets, it will look even better.

So my suggestions for his blog is that first, he may need to organize the widgets a little bit, like the important widgets go first, fun widgets go later. I think it would be a good idea if he add some more pictures in his posts, and maybe talk about more specific things in his posts and stuffs.

So that’s my idea about his blog, but overall, I think it’s quite a good blog. Nice job, Jack! 🙂

Challenge 9 March 2011

This post is about my blog and probably what I’ve done to my blog so far and also for the Challenge 9 March 2011

So I have written 31 posts so far (including this post), 27 were  set by the challenge, 4 were my own interests and none was school based.

I have received a total of 68 comments, 35 were from my classmates, 13 were from teachers and 20 were from overseas students.

The post that I received most comments is “Reasons to visit my blog!” post. I think it’s because it’s the post that summary about my blog and what I’m going to post about so people come in and leave comments about how they feel or think about my blog.

The post that I enjoy writing the most is also the “Reasons to visit my blog!” because at that time, I for the first time started blogging and I felt excited and I was hoping that people will come to visit my blog. 🙂

I did change my theme from the original to Anubis and I also wrote a post about why I change my theme to that.

I have a total of 26 widgets, fun widgets and important/ basic widgets, and I think it’s enough because it would fill the empty space on the sides but I carefully chose widgets that don’t make sounds unless you click it to use.

I have 5 overseas student blogs  on my ‘overseas blogs’ blogroll.