Challenge Evaluation

This post is for Challenge 10 March 2011

This post is pretty much about what I think about this Student Blogging Challenge thingy. In my opinion, I think this challenge is quite fun and is something for me to do. I’m not sure but I think I will miss the time when I go on the Student Blogging Challenge page to read the challenges every week. The challenges varies, there are useful challenges like some tutorial challenges like how to attribute to an image and interesting challenges like the digital footprints thing. There are even some ‘Visit these’ posts which are really somehow helpful ’cause then you can look at some examples to see if you need to change anything to your blog. This SBC (Student Blogging Challenge) also give students like me oppurtunities to meet and visit overseas blogs. I think it would be ‘cooler’ if there would be some challenges that required us to write some current events maybe so I can just read my friends blogs, no need to read the news, maybe 😀 Anyway, I think this SBC is great!

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