Things aren’t at school

This post is for Challenge 6 Student Challenge March 2011

We learn a lot of things at school, but did you know that you can learn many things that school may not teach you? Well, I learned a lot outside of school. I learned most of them from my family, some from my friends and maybe from people around, people on the news or live in my neighborhood. I think learning from outside of school is quite an important thing. You can learn big things, like values of life, or just some small things like how do you act to be polite etc. I’ve learned lots of things, how to ride a bike, how to eat politely, selfishness is not good…Mostly I learned from my parents, the old older people, like my grandma. Those lessons are really¬†valuable that school may not or can not teach us.

You cant learn everything from books

You can't learn everything from books


Original Image: Luke 13:24
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